Simple Yeasted Pan Loaf

Do you wish you knew how to keep a sourdough starter to recreate that tangy sandwich you dream of, from your own kitchen, but find yourself overwhelmed with all the pieces to track and time? How hard can it be? Afterall, bread is just flour, water and salt - right? But if you're like us and have baked a few dense UFO boules of bread in your first sourdough attempts, we're here to break it down for you, or take a slightly different approach to teaching you "the practice". 

Below is our recipe, which delivers flavor and builds the practice to onboard you into the sourdough world when you are ready. This simple YEASTED pan loaf uses the ingredient of time to build flavor while helping you understand the SOURDOUGH process once you're ready. 

Einkorn Pan Loaf


680g Heartland Craft Grains Flour (approx. 5c)
* we recommend All Purpose or Bread Flour *
544g Water (80% hydration)
3/4T Salt
1tsp Instant Yeast


Bowl scraper or Stand mixer
13" (1-1/2lb) pullman pan


1) Mix all ingredients until just combined in a bowl with Danish whisk, 2 forks or mix in a mixer for 1 minute. 

Let rest for 30 min 

2) Knead in the bowl with a bowl scraper or mix for 1 more minute in the mixer. 

Let rest for 45 min

3) Perform 2-3 sets of coil and folds, let rest 45 minutes. 
(if "coil and fold" is a new-to-you phrase, watch a tutorial here)

Repeat for a total of 3 rounds. (coil and fold, rest, coil and fold, rest, coil and fold, rest)

4) After final rest, pour out onto a well-floured countertop and stretch into a large rectangle. Press out dough with flat hands to de-gas. Fold sides to center and roll into a loaf shape. Place into a greased 13" (1-1/2lb pullman pan). Set aside to rise.

Let rest for 2.5 hours

5) Bake 35-40 min at 400°F.
6) Remove from pan and let cool on a cooling rack. 


* Ancient Grain Flour Adjustments 
908g Heartland Craft Grains Flour
635-681g Water (70%-75% hydration)
1T Salt
1 1/4tsp Instant Yeast

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