Grains Grown

It all started with a colorful kernel...

What began as a large garden experiment in our front lawn quickly scaled to converting acres of our crop land to a spectrum of the most beautiful, colorful grains. 

Evan is constantly studying and testing varieties to see what will work best in our Wisconsin climate with our soil type and regenerative practices. Ultimately we're looking to build healthy soil to grow nutrient-dense foods for our community. We're glad you're here. 

All Purpose Wheat - Berries and Flour

Bread Wheat - Berries and Flour

Durum - Berries and Flour

Einkorn - Berries and Flour

Oats - Rolled and Whole

Pastry Wheat - Berries and Flour

Rye - Berries and Flour

Spelt - Berries and Flour

Corn - Blue Cornmeal

Corn - Wisconsin White Cornmeal and Grits

Corn - Polenta